Fahad Mustafa Opens Up About His Ambassadorship for “Hoga Saaf Pakistan”

The Jeeto Pakistan star Fahad Mustafa declares his ambassadorship for Hoga Saaf Pakistan fueled by Dettol.. Fahad Mustafa, the famous on-screen character and TV character, declared his coordinated effort with Reckitt Benckiser (RB), creators of Dettol, as the official brand minister for RB’s social vow ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’.

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Fahad reported his ambassadorship for ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ on the first of Ramadan amid the uncommon Ramadan Transmission of the nation’s prestigious show, Jeeto Pakistan, on ARY Digital. RB recently reported ARY Digital Network as their official media accomplice for this activity. Beginning this Ramadan, expanding upon “Safai Nisf Eeman Hai”, RB and ARY will strengthen the message of how one should take responsibility for around them over all media stages.


With activities like ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan, running with such intensity to accomplish their ideal effect, it is decidedly foreseen that the nation’s residents will take action accordingly and assume full liability to progress in the direction of the advancement of Pakistan. “Kyunke milkay lagayeinge jaan, tau Hoga Saaf Pakistan!”

This is a really good action taken by the Pakistan and we are sure the actor would be working in favor of it as well!

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