Eye Makeup for Small Eyes to Look Bigger

Every girl wants to make her eyes look bigger and for this they might follow different makeup tips of professional as well. At we Eye Makeup for Small Eyes to Look Bigger   have enlisted some the best and easy to do makeup tips that can help your small eyes look bigger.

  1. First of all you should curl your eye lashes but remember to perform this task before applying mascara. However if you have forgotten to curl your eye lashes before applying mascara then let your mascara dry out completely and then curl your eye lashes.
  1. Most of the girls believe that there is no need to apply mascara on their bottom lashes, well! They are mistaken; trick is to know how much mascara to apply on them. A simple and effective way to apply mascara on bottom lashes is first of all apply mascara on your top lashes and then use the same brush on your bottom lashes without putting any more mascara on it.
  1. One of the easiest ways to make your eyes look bigger is to use creamy white eyeliner pencil. Take the pencil and line the bottom eyelids with it. Also apply this supple color on inside corners of your upper and lower eyelids.



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