Eye Care Tips In Summer Season

In this article we will discuss best eye care tips in summer season. As every person knows that eyes are considered to be very sensitive part of human body and requires special care. In Pakistan, summer season is very hot and burning. By implementing special and important eye care tips, every person can easily prevent his/her eyes from hot summer effects. The best eye care tips are as follows:

  1. The most important summer eye care tip is sound sleep. For proper eye care in summer it is very important that person should take proper and complete sleep. Proper sleep will refresh person eyes and it will give comfort to retina.
  2. The second important eye care tip in summer season is that person should avoid ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, ultraviolet rays are very harmful and dangerous for human eyes.
  3. Another important tip for proper eye care is that person should wear sun glasses in summer season. In order to protect eyes from ultraviolet rays person should wear sunglasses.



4. In additionally, it is advisable that person should protect his/her eyes while swimming. As best summer eye care tip, person should develop the habit of wearing best goggles while swimming in order to protect his/her eyes.

5. Moreover, person should use lubricating drops as the best summer eye care tip. In summer season, eyes turn dries so it is advisable that person should use lubricating drops in order to sooths his/her eyes.

6. Last important tip is that person should take maximum quantity of vitamin A. according to research that vitamin A is very effective for eyes. Instead of using in artificial form, it is recommended that person should take vitamin A in natural form. The best and natural sources of vitamin A are yellow fruits and green vegetable and carrots.

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