Exclusive Valentine’s Day Dresses 2012 By Labels

Recently a fairy tale valentines dresses collection 2012 is displayed by Labels. Labels in a latest fashion fabric store where different top Pakistani designers dresses are available. In a recent photo shoot of valentine day dresses 2012 by labels, fashion designer Sanam Chaudhri, Sonya battla, Sania Maskatiya, Maheen Karim & Sadaf Malaterre latest dresses were included. Each and every designer dress was included with a special fairy tale theme, which made it look even more exciting. The feature model for Labels Valentine special dresses is Ainy Jafri. Lets wait no more and check out dreamy and fantasy fairy tale photo shoot for Valentine day special…

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Dresses 2012 By Labels – outfit by Sonya battla

Ainy jafri in exclusive valentine’s day dresses 2012 by labels – outfit by sanam chaudhri

Sania Maskatiya valentines day dresses 2012 model ainy jafri



Designer Mahin Karim outfit by labels 2012

Fashion designer Sadaf Malaterre latest valentines day special dress 2012

Source: Labels

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