Exclusive Eastern Wear For Women – Winter 2012

Winter is known as the season of dryness. It makes your skin dry and your hair fuzzy. You don’t feel like dressing up nicely and all you want is to spend all day under a soft blanket. But you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you. Follow the steps mentioned below, they’re easy to implement.


We know that in winter, carrying your hair in a good manner is challenging BUT not impossible. You can get rid of fuzzy and static hair by oiling your hair before taking shower. Leave oil on your hair for not more than 2 hours.
With eastern dressing, backcombing and twisters looks best. Twisters are small braids that you make to avoid your hair from falling on your face. Braids also look great and you can be carefree about your hair looking bad or fuzzy.

Eastern Wear for Women - Winter 2012

Twister hairstyle for women

Eastern dressing is bit difficult to carry in winters because if your wear lawn suits or silk, they stick to your body and becomes static leaving you feel uncomfortable and itchy. BUT, use of proper fabric can solve this crisis. Cotton suits, and soft fabrics will not stick to your body and they will keep you warm too as compared to silk fabrics. Wear it will a shawl or a sweater.
A small tip you can use to avoid the fabric from sticking to your body is to apply plenty of cream before you dress. The clothes will never stick to your body then!

Perfect Eastern Wear for Women

Sandals etc looks best with eastern dressing but because its winter, you also have to protect your feet from getting cold, so you can wear zipper shoes or shoes which covers your fingers and most area of your foot.
If you want to wear sandals, wear it with skin socks. They will prevent you from cold and will not even look bad


Sandals with skin socks – perfect winter footwear

Winter make your skin look dull and dry. No matter how much cream you apply, it will still look dull and dry. So avoid applying too much makeup, you will look awkward and the powder or foundation will not even blend properly if you’re having a dry skin.
Solution to the above problem is that you can apply plenty of moisturizing cream half hour before applying the makeup so that the skin can get sufficient time to absorb the cream and make your skin look soft, after that apply makeup but remember, DO NOT use too much makeup specially compact powder


Winter Makeup Sample for Women

Clutches go best with eastern dressing, use trendy clutches. If you’re wearing a heavy suit, carry a simple yet trendy clutch. It will compliment your dress. large handbags usually look good with western dressing but if you’re wearing a trendy long shirt with a skinny jeans, you can carry handbag too.

Trendy Clutch for women

Elegant Clutch – Goes Best With Eastern Wear
If you’re wearing a shawl, u can put on nice bangles and trendy rings. If you choose wearing necklaces, wear decent ones so that you don’t look over dressed and your skin don’t get itchy!

Delicate Bangls for Women

Try the above guidelines and you will look great for sure, comment if you tried the above tips to let everyone know 🙂

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