Eman Suleman Takes a Dig At Sajal Aly For Doing Fair and Lovely Advertisement

Sajal Ali is a standout amongst the most needed big name performers of the showbiz world and being the piece of the big name world she is dependably on the eyes of the media and web based life supporters. As of late, Sajal Ali did the Fair and Lovely brightening cream promotion and the crowd is good to go to focus on her with their announcements for being the piece of brightening cream.

Social media followers are into such idea that being a piece of showbiz world she ought not be a piece of any promotion that expedites color discrimination the premise of face shading. And in such followers we have the name of model Eman Suleman who criticizes this actress in one of her statements. This is what model has to say about:


eman suleman on sajal aly

However, aside from it, a few adherents absolutely try to guard her where they are telling the devotees that such a significant number of more celebrities like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan in the past of their career have done such commercials.

Well we don’t think so that being the part of any advertisement is a wrong fact. She is merely showing her talent out and she has been associated with so many advertisements before as well. So what is your conclusion about it?

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