Elegant Bridal dresses by Sana Safinaz Bridal Couture

 The label of designer duo Sana and Safinaz  has long been synonymous with graceful, elegant, chic and eye-appeasing styles. They have formed a forte for themselves in the fashion industry for their clothes ranging from intricately embellished bridals to refreshingly cool lawn prints  for summer.  Through the years, they have experimented and come up with something new in every collection. Always combining traditional with modern. Sana and Safinaz design for the quintessential asian women. Their creations are different from indian designers yet they bear a strong Eastern influence. Over the years, the girls added bridal wear , diffusion and pret to what was earlier, Only haute couture. today in collaboration with a textile mill, they produce a retail line that allows the brand to reach into every home, Here is the collection of beautiful and elegant bridal dresses  by the bridal couture of sana safinaz. collection of stylish plus Traditional bridal dresses for Mehndi, Barat and walima are here for you.. check out!!
    bridal dresses by sana safinaz:

Elegant bridal dress by sana safinaz



Walima dresses by sana safinaz



cool colored bridal dresses by sana safinaz


beautiful bridal dresses by sana safinaz


stylish bridal dresses by sana safinaz


Mehndi dresses by sana safinaz


elegant white bridal dress by sana safinaz

source: Sana safinaz


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