Easy Tips to Apply Mascara

I have been asked a simple question so many times that I though I should give its answer in an appropriate way, How to apply Mascara, Easy Tips to Apply Mascara    _01well you do not have to worry, I have managed a simple yet effective makeup tip that will teach you the right way to apply mascara.

  • Take your Mascara and wiggle its want from left to right at the base of your lashes. The important tip to remember is that the Mascara which is placed near the roots is the one that will give you illusion of length.
  • The next step to follow is to pull the wand up and keep on wiggling as you go through lashes. In this step you need to understand the fact that wiggling will help you separate lashes.
  • The last step that I do for best application of Mascara is I will close my eyes and then I will put mascara wand at the base on top of my lashes and pull through, it will remove the clumps.

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