Easy Eye Makeup Tips And Tutorial For Girls in Pakistan

Easy Eye Makeup Tips And Guide – Eyes has special power to cast a magic spell on other people. If your eyes look beautiful you can cast this magic spell anytime. Every women needs to know how to properly apply eye makeup. here Style.Pk  is giving you an easy eye makeup guide along with pictures. Hopefully you’ll like our tips or eye makeup for girls in Pakistan.

Eye Makeup Tips For Girls

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Girls – Party Eye Makeup

Easy Eye Makeup Tips And Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial for Girls


Above two pictures showed easy eye makeup tips for girls. Those pictures showed 8 step by step eye makeup guide and we think you’ll read these steps carefully and will apply these steps.

Yes – Makeup is something that improves confidence in women. How to do eye makeup is the most common question that frequently asked by many women. When it comes to eye makeup, it can be a little tricky or daunting to do. It is pretty essential for every woman to know about some best and simple eye makeup tips.

Well, come to the point – in this post, we are decided to explain some simple eye makeup tips. They are very easy to do if you follow eye makeup step by step.

Simple Eye Makeup Tips:

There is no need to worry! You just have to keep these eye makeup tips on top of your mind to get the attractive look! Give a read to know this eye makeup step by step guide:

  • Eyeliner Tips
  • Mascara Tips
  • Eyeshadow Tips

Eyeliner Tips:

Let us start with eyeliner tips:


  • First of all, you have to clean your eyelids properly, and then apply a primer on them. When you apply eye primer, the makeup doesn’t smudge & even stays on for longer
  • If you want to make your eyelash look denser, then you have to apply the eyeliner as close to the lash-line, this process is known as tight-lining. Get a stiff slant brush to make a dotted line from the outer to the inwards corner and connect the dots
  • The tip of your liner should thin to get the perfect shape – additionally, you can freeze your eyeliner before sharpening to keep it from crumbling
  • We recommended using liquid eyeliner to get the perfect shape. You ought to start on the lash line and work your ways towards the corners. And if your hand isn’t steady enough, then, first of all, use a pencil liner to line your eyes, after that trace over it using liquid liner
  • Additionally – to get smokey eye makeup, get a pencil eyeliner and smudge it out using a smudging brush for that cool smokey eye makeup
  • For a more elegant look, you ought to apply mascara

Note: When it comes to applying eyeliner, you have to tilt your face up and look down

Mascara Tips:

Give a read to know some important eye makeup tips for bang-on mascara application:

  • You have to apply mascara from the roots of your lashes & there is need to wiggle your way to the tips. When you do so, it voluminizes your lashes and does not weigh them down
  • Once you apply one coat of mascara, then you have to wait maximum for 10 seconds – your lashes don’t get clumpy with this way
  • Once done, then get a tissue to wipe off excess mascara from the wand
  • Before applying mascara, you have to use a high-quality eyelash curler. You ought to pinch curler at last base and then hold it tightly rotating upwards
  • For natural eye makeup, you have to hold your wand horizontally for thicker lashes and vertically especially for the lower lashes

Note: To get the best look, you have to apply mascara at the last step of eye makeup

Eyeshadow Tips:

Eyeshadow is something that is adding depth and giving dimension to your eyes. If eyeshadow applied correctly, then it makes your eyes look more attractive! Wants to know eyeshadow tips, read on!

  • First of all, get high-quality products and brushes
  • If you want your eyeshadow to stay put all day, then you ought to use a good primer before applying the eyeshadow.
  • Additionally, you have to cover your eyelid with a white eyeliner first, if you want to keep a less pigmented eyeshadow look vibrant and poppy. By doing so, you’ll get an attractive base for your eyeshadow
  • At the top area of the eye, you have to apply a light shade
  • At the bottom area of your eye, you have to apply a dark shade of eyeshadow – and the area above that, you have to apply medium shade and blend them well

Thankfully, you unfold the question of how to do eye makeup. Stick with the above eye makeup step by step guide to get an attractive and glamorous look!

For further eye-makeup tips, you can check our section eye makeup or click here for eye lashes makeup.

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