Dubai Fashion Week 2011 Preview Day 2

Day Two of Dubai Fashion week started on 20th April 2011 with a contest of young talent. After that Six fashion designers showed their designs on the ramp. Here is the preview of complete drama, which was created by designers at 2nd day of dubai fashion week 2011.

Tatyana Aceeva’s Closet Collection

Tatyana Aceeva opened the show with her feminine, sensual and oh so glamorous collection. I must say i was stunned after seeing it, the models looked like princesses straight out of a fairytale. Her collection consisted of nude coloured dresses up to the knee or  ankles, the material she mainly used was chiffon georgettes and silk. They were the perfect evening dresses for any sophisticated classy woman.

Designer Tatyana Aceeva in Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Montaha Al Ajeel in Dubai Fashion Week

Montaha Couture Collection at DXB Fashion Show 2011

Montaha Al Ajeel’s abayain inspired collection was edgy and something new to see. The main colour was black with digital prints of the Eiffel tower and Mona Lisa infused in the abayan styled dresses. Other than that chunky laces with big motifs were also seen in some of her collection. It was well accessorized and the idea was very creative.

Aly Fawaz Contessa’s collection


Contessa by Aly Fawaz at 2nd day of Dubai Fashion Week 2011
Aly Fawaz Contessa’s collection was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and it indeed was a success.The gowns were modern styled which were both elegant as well as futuristic. He also presented three bridal sets that were beautifully made. colours of the dresses were basic but well planned and nicely done.


Jeanine Haute Couture collection

Jeanine Haute Couture collection was inspired by the pearl> It was subtle, sophisticated and safe. The older woman look as i would like to put it, very graceful and beautifully shaped.

Jeanine Haute Couture at Dubai Fashion Week Winter 2011

Mauzan’s collection

Mauzan’s collection seemed very boring to me. It was plain and not creative in any way just a lot of layers added up to the huge abayan dresses.the main colour was black.

Luxurious Mauzan collection at Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Rabia Z closed the second day

Rabia Z closed the second day of dubai fashion week with her edgy and outburst collection that focused on the individuality of the women. I liked her collection alot, the conservative chic look was highly impressive.

Designer Rabia Z Collection at Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Source: Dubai Fashion Week 2011 Dubai

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