Dua Zehra Celebrates Birthday With Husband & In-Laws

Dua Zehra Celebrates Birthday With Husband & In-Laws. Dua Zehra’s case made a lot of waves on social media, last month. Dua Zehra, a 14 years old, left home and got reportedly married. Many people prayed for little girl. Her parents strove to reach out to their daughter after her marriage, finally after a lot of efforts, Sindh High court summoned Dua Zehra and his parents to the court on 20th May. His parents were excited to meet her but a video of Dua Zehra has cleared the air about it.

Alleged kidnapped girl Dua Zehra goes viral with a video clip of her eating cake with 21-year-old husband Zaheer Ahmed and his family. Meanwhile, the Sindh High Court has ordered all province police authorities to bring Dua back to her parents.

Dua Zehra Celebrates Birthday With Husband & In-Laws

Recently, another video of 14-year-old Dua Zehra is going viral on social media. In the video, Dua is enjoying what appears to be a birthday celebration with her 21-year-old “husband” Zaheer Ahmed. The couple looks happy together, eating cake and smiling. The in-laws of Dua are also present during the celebrations.

A new video has emerged of Dua alongside her husband Zaheer Ahmed and her in laws celebrating her birthday at a restaurant. This comes amongst courts deciding that the Nikkah was not valid. Here is the birthday celebration of Dua with her husband.

She denied to meet her parents and said that her in-laws are very good and she is happy and if anything happens to her, her parents would be responsible for it. She was sitting along with her husband. Dua also claims that she left a detailed letter for her parents in which she mentioned everything.

Dua Zehra Celebrates Birthday With Husband & In-Laws

For the past few weeks, the Dua Zehra saga has gripped the entire nation. The sudden disappearance of a young girl had everyone worried. People are up in arms over the alleged kidnapping. However, a lot of twists and turns are surfacing around Dua’s alleged kidnapping. For one thing, the girl claims to be “happily married.”

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