Doppelgangers of Pakistani Celebrities:-

The mythology of doppelgangers fascinates us when we come across two individuals who resemble so much that they could be the same person. Doppelgangers were considered as superstitious thing back in decades.

Doppelgangers of Pakistani celebrities in Bollywood and Hollywood:-

Here are some doppelgangers of Pakistani celebrities about whom we can think they could be siblings:-

  • Nazia Hassan and Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma is Bollywood actress who is at the peak of her carrier. She resembles a lot with late Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan. Her eyes and body structure is more or less like Nazia Hassan.

    doppelgangers of Pakistani celebrities


  • Sanam Baloch and Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma also have some similarities with beauty of Pakistan media industry Sanam Baloch. Their jaw shape resembles a lot.
  • Neelam Muneer and Cindy Crawford: Cindy Crawford is one oh hottest women. It is always said Cindy Crawford’s looks cannot be compared to anyone. But here we can see, some of looks of Cindy Crawford resemble with Neelam Munir. This is best example of doppelgangers. neelum-muneer


  • Syra Yousuf and Pixie Lott: Smile and face structure of Syra yousuf resemble with Pixie. Both have charming smile. If they both get same dyed hair color, they will look more or less twins.syra-yousuf
  • Kriti Sanon and Arij Fatima: It might be because of hair, but when we look towards both of the girls together they look like siblings.kirti-sanaon
  • Mehwish Hayat and Nargis Fakhri: Though both women are equally gorgeous, the similarities don’t end there. They have strikingly similar features, particularly the nose and cheeks.mehwish
  • Imran Abbas and Tom Cruise: Imran Abbas looks the lost sibling of Tom cruise.imran-abbas1

By looking at the doppelgangers of Pakistani celebrities, we conclude that the phenomenon of Doppelgangers can really exist.

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