Do you think coke Studio Did justice with National Anthem of Pakistan?

Coke Studio an international franchise which broadcasts live studio-recorded performances of the great singers. Coke Studio took its start in Pakistan since 2008. And this year it’s the 10th season of the music franchise.

See Coke Studio 10 National Anthem Criticized by People!

Every year, the music franchise Coke Studio brings with all the artists to sing a national song. But now in the year 2017, the season 10 will begin and all the 40 artists are going to sing the National Anthem of the country. In the gone past two years we have seen that all the artist sung the famous national songs like Sohni Dharti and Ay Rahy Haq Kay Shaheedo.

The National Anthem is not much liked by the viewers. People are criticizing the Coke Studios National Anthem on social media. Everyone is tweeting against the Coke Studios National Anthem and are disliking it very much. Have a look on what people are saying about the coke studios National Anthem;

Everyone is saying that the singer were emotionless and has sung the National Anthem without any courage and inspiration.

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