Do you Know Mawra Hocane Inside Out?

Everyone of You must be very familiar with the Hocane sisters. But Do you know Mawra Hocane inside out? She recently appeared in Hum Tv Morning show Jaago Pakistan Jaago. The host Noor Bukhari interviewed her really well. She tried to inquire alot going on these recent days.

Know Mawra Hocane:

  • Mawra Hocane is a talented and famous face of the Pakistani industry.
  • Mawra is 24 and has earned a name and fame not only in Pakistan but also internationally.
  • Due to her versatile acting she has huge fan following
  • Mawra was badly criticized by the fans and people of Pakistan for her debut movie Sanam Teri Kasam which was released under Bollywood banner.
  • Urwa and Mawra have been always in the highlights due to their poor sense of dressing or vulgur avatars.
  • She performed as a theater artist before working as a VJ at ARY Musik.
  • Mawra gained popularity through performing in Pakistani television serial dramas like Aahista Aahista, Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si and Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare.
  • While talking to Noor in an interview, Mawra  revealed that she and her family were actually hurt about the criticism they faced during Urwa Farhan wedding.
  • Mawra said that she feels every emotion so deeply.
  • She also told Noor how the comments of Pakistani people forced her to cry.

Mawra Hocane In Jago Pakistan Jago:

Mawra Hocane in Jago pakistan


Mawra Hocane in Jago pakistan00

Mawra Hocane in Jago pakistan1


Mawra Hocane in Jago pakistan02

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