Do Pakistani Television Celebs Love Cricket Match

The time Pakistan got separated from India on August 14, 1947, is truly memorable. Till today when around 70 years have passed, Indians have not accepted the freedom of Pakistanis and vice versa.

Cricket of Pakistan

Whenever we come across the news of a cricket match between Pakistan and India, there arises a lot of excitement. We, the fans, tend to spare enough moments for the match and sit before our televisions for hours. It is obvious that we always support our team and want it to defeat Indians in the ground.

There are a number of videos and articles that present somewhat weird yet open thoughts of a Pakistani fan are shown. The people seem to be commenting a lot about how badly, sometimes, Pakistani players play in the ground. To be honest, the Lollywood fans have told their thoughts in a lot of funny ways.

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Pakistani Television Celebs


Cricket Match

Cricket match is purposed to provide us entertainment and freedom from the hectic life of everyday. And when the cricket match is held between our beloved Pakistani team and Indian players, this doubles our joys.

Do Pakistani television celebs love Cricket Match

If you want to know the answer, then it is ‘Yes’. Pakistani television celebs love cricket match especially the currently held World Cup. I am sure there is a lot coming up by Pakistani cricket team and they would not let our expectations down.

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The fact is we should keep a check and balance on the overall performance and track record of cricket team. This is because if Pakistanis can comment on Indians in that way, then chances are that they may do the same. To avoid such situations, we’re not to let them have any chance to say something negative or bad about our cricket team before the world.

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