Disclosing Secrets: What Celebrities Avoid Eating in Ramzan?

Ramzan is here. Its a very important and special months for Muslim Ummah. They do good and religious deeds. They keep fast for Allah Almighty and eat special food in Iftar. People prepare different dishes for iftar. Everyone plans a specific diet for Ramzan. Here is What Celebrities Avoid Eating in Ramzan? Let’s disclose their secrets.

What Celebrities Avoid Eating in Ramzan?

See What Celebrities Avoid Eating in Ramzan?

What Celebrities Avoid Eating in Ramzan

Ramsha Khan

“I avoid all sorts of oily stuff. I eat yogurt during Sehri because it keeps me hydrated.”

Junaid Khan

“Ideally, one should avoid deep fried stuff, but then there is no other month where you get those tasty, crispy pakoras. I would say that one should enjoy feasting but keep the serving small.”



Bilal Ashraf

“Avoid excess sugar, avoid anything deep fried. Stay super hydrated. No junk food whatsoever.” Bilal, you just described our entire iftaar menu. “Bananas, dates, and oats are a must. Plus, some yogurt.”

Mikal Zulfiqar

“Go easy on the oily stuff. Fruits and lots of liquids are must for Ramzan. And make sure you get enough protein.”

Ghana Ali

“Ramadan is actually a lot easier for me. I get up early for Sehri and then until iftar I know I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s just me and work.” “I don’t workout during Ramadan but I do go for a brisk walk in the evening. Having a proper workout regime is difficult.”

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