Different Types Of Moles

What exactly do you think mole is ? By definition a mole is “A small, often slightly raised blemish on the skin made dark by a high concentration of melanin.”It is said that occurrence of mole ratio is more in women that it is in men. The reason behind the emergence of mole in women are either the sunburn or during her pregnancy due to the different hormonal changes. So in today’s beauty article we will tell you about the different types of moles.

Different Types Of Moles

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These moles can be of various size, shape and color. They can be of light brown, dark browns or even of black color. Following are the different types of moles.


The first type of mole among the different types of moles is Nevi.  This mole can be found singular or multiple spread throughout the whole body or concentrated mostly on the extremities. Their surface can be either flat or protruding as with warts. They are rarely covered with dark hair.



The next among the different types of moles is Lentigo. It is most common in people with dark skin tone. It is mostly round spot and is as big as a lentil bean. It can both be either very flat or slightly raised above the surface of your skin.Its color may vary from yellow-brown to dark-brown. It is usually hairless.

Cellular moles

Then we have cellular moles among the different types of moles. It is another birth-mark variety. It usually is in the shape of half sphere and is  a bit raised. It is soft to the touch with a smooth or ridged surface. Its color can be either the color of the skin, yellow-brown, grayish or dark-violet. The shape can vary from lentil-size to the size of a cherry. Cellular moles are likely to have hair and can be found all over the face and body.

Blue nevus

And the last type of mole among the different types of mole is Blue nevus. It is another type of mole which appears on the face in the shape of small lentil-sized knots. They have a bluish color which can be visible through the skin.

Some say mole adds to your beauty or enhance your skin where as other think they look disgusting. What do you think ??

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