Different Types Of Jhumkas That Girls Loves Wearing

If you would attend weddings or even the formal family parties, you would probably notice the huge popularity of the jhumkas among the girls. It seems like this trend is getting so popular among the ladies in town. This is mainly for the reason that Jhumkas are best option to bring the elegance and traditional appearance in the personality taste. There are wide options of designs and styles of the jhumkas which all the girls will love to wear one by one!

Different Types Of Jhumkas That Girls Loves Wearing

1. Traditional Gold Jhumkas:

This style of jhumkas has definitely come up to be the perfect traditional attire. They are basically created with the 22K gold with the blend embellishment of so many stones such as ruby, emerald, coral, pearls, opal, kundan and sapphire.

2. Stylish Silver Oxide Jhumkas:

Such style of jhumkas are made from the use of silver material only. They are even known famously with the name of Gujarati style jhumkas. Silver oxidised jhumkas are shaded with the embellishment of the blackish colour.

3. Marvelous Diamond Jhumkas:

On the third spot, we had the name of amazing diamond jhumkas which you would love to wear all the time. They are sparkling and had a glamorous effects in them.

4. Elegant Kashmiri Jhumkas:

Kashmiri jhumkas are much in trend these days for being so much classic. You can make them worn in two different ways as either by tucking them behind the ears or you can even wear by tugging the chains to the hair through the help of the pins.

5. Graceful Terracotta Jhumkas:

Such style of jhumkas are best for the women who are not fond of wearing metal or gold earrings. They are basically done with the handmade use of the natural earthen-baked clay that are shaded in the vibrant colors.


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