Decorate Your Bedroom through Ten Simple Steps

Are you tired of coming home after having a long day at work/school and looking at the same old fashioned bed room daily? Are you one of those people who haven’t changed their bed room style since ages but would love to? Then what are you waiting for, we are here to provide you the perfect tips for decorating your room.

Follow these easy steps and see what magic spell you can do to your room;

1.    Find out a perfect theme in favor your bedroom, whether you want your room to look cute, look decent, or classy

2.    Decide what you want to keep in your room and what you want to throw away

3.    Change the curtains and the bed sheets, use soft fabric for bed sheets and for curtains, use bright colors to add a double charm to your room

4.    Buy new photo frames or art work that you can put in your room and walls

5.    Make maximum use of the floor, a room carpet or a rug will do its best to make your room beautiful

6.    Change the wallpaper or the room paint, use vibrant and bright colors

7.    Avoid mismatching of colors, if your room paint is pink let’s say, don’t put furniture like dark blue or parrot green, they will spoil the whole look so be careful

8.    Personalize your space, use your creativity. You can use your own painting and art work to decorate your room, get it framed and hang them on your room’s wall

9.    Place a pile of pillows on your bed; they will add a double charm to your room’s look. Also, if you use different pillow sheets for each pillow, they will look colorful and trendy

10.    Take out all your stuff toys, toys are not to hide inside your cupboard, they can be used to decorate the room. Put stuff toys on your bed or on the side tables and couches.

Try these tips and let us know how your room looked like, before and after the makeover! 🙂

For your help, few sample pictures are attached below 🙂

Tips for Bedroom Decoration (1)


Tips for Bedroom Decoration (2)



Tips for Bedroom Decoration (3)



Tips for Bedroom Decoration (4)


Tips for Bedroom Decoration (5)


Tips for Bedroom Decoration (6)


Tips for Bedroom Decoration (7)


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