Danilo Gabrielli Fall/Winter Collection 2012 at Nolcha Fashion Week New York 2012

Danilo Gabrielli is a very popular fashion brand of International Fashion industry. Recently Danilo Gabrielli has showcased his Latest Fall Winter 2012 Collection at Nolcha Fashion Week New York 2012. The famous Italian born fashion designer revealed to the world what his brand is really about, by introducing the fashion style of 1940s.

1940s is called as a legendary era of Hollywood because of famous celebrities such as Greta Garbo and Lauren Bacall and at that time women workforce was also getting very stronger as well. Winter Collection 2012 by Danilo Gabrilli has been designed in masculine style but he paid special attention to keeping feminine feel of his collection as well.

Checkout Danilo Gabrilli Fall/Winter Collection 2012 and give yourself some old style with latest designs.

Danilo Gabrielli Fall Winter Collection 2012 at Nolcha Fashion Week New York 2012 1


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