Creating Elegant, Dramatic Eyes

In winter it’s not easy to come up with fashion accessories that can give you diva look so most of us look for elegant makeup tips. We have Creating Elegant, Dramatic Eyesselected a beauty tip that can give your eyes an elegant and dramatic look.

  1. If you want to give your eyes a stunning nighttime look, then you should use light, medium and dark eye shadow shades in graduated tone. You should apply a dark shade along your lash line, then use the medium shade on crease and last but not the least apply light shade up to your eyebrow bone and make sure that it does not go beyond it. Now take a hard look and then make the hard edges softer and blend them nicely so that one color should seem like thaw into the next one.
  1. If you want to make your eyes look lively, apply a dot of light shadow in inner corner of each eye.
  1. Now for exotic and smoky effects, draw the lower and upper lashes with dark shadow and afterwards, smear with a blending brush. You can also do the same task over eyeliner as well.

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