Iman Ali Pictures and Profile – Pakistani Actress Iman Ali brings you complete profile and biography of another super female model of Pakistan. Iman Ali.

Iman Ali’s Childhood:

Iman Ali, another popular Pakistani fashion model and actress, was born on December 19, 1980 in Lahore. She is the daughter all time famous television and film actor Abid Ali and his first wife Humaira Ali. Iman Ali has two sisters named as Maryam and Raimah Ali. Iman Ali was very young when her parents divorced. Divorce had not done any good to Iman and Iman Ali soon developed a distant relationship with his father. Later her father married again.

Iman Ali Pictures and Profile

Iman Ali’s Career:

Iman Ali is the perfect face of today’s fashion female model. The height, body, and features she has can be called the features of perfect model. Iman Ali has a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Because of her stunning looks, this Pakistani model is very popular among many Indian designers like Uneet Varma, Tarun Tahiljani, Rina Dhakah, Manish Malhotra, JJ Valayaa, and many others.

Iman Ali was launched by Shoaib Mansoor in seven minute long video where she played a role of Anarkali.  In fashion industry, she was launched by Shehzad Raza, a fashion photographer. In 2005, she co-hosted the Lux Style Awards. Since then she has been a prominent part of Pakistan fashion and television industry.  In 2007, this Pakistani fashion model entered the Pakistan film industry with the movie by Shoaib Masoor’s Khuda Ke Liye. Her role was very challenging and being a daughter of all time popular actor Abid Ali, expectations were very high. Iman Ali with this role convinced critics on how good acting skills she has. For her role in the movie, Iman Ali was awarded Best Actress in Lux Style Award 2008. Before the movie, Iman Ali had already acted in drama serials. Recently, she played a character of supporting women in Shoaib Mansoor’s second venture Bol.

Iman Ali’s Personal Life:

In 2009, Iman Ali told in an interview that she is suffering from multiple sclerosis. She also travelled to India to treat her disease. Some media people claimed that she is traveling to India to pursue her career there but when asked, Iman Ali denied the news. Unlike many actresses, Iman Ali is always found speaking openly about her disease; knowing the fact that this can jeopardize her career.

Currently, Iman Ali is single and lives in Lahore. In an interview when asked about a kind of man she wants; she replied:

‘I don’t want a Ferrari owner; I just want a guy who can live and is capable of looking after himself and working, that’s it. Riches don’t do it for me. Money doesn’t impress me’.

Iman Ali was also awarded Lux Style Award for best female model. She was also the face of Luscious Cosmetics, record-breaking cosmetic brand in Pakistan. Today, Iman Ali is counted in top models of Pakistan by critics.

Films done by Iman Ali:

Film Role Notes
Khuda Kay Liye

Drama Serials of Iman Ali:

* Dil Dekay Jaien Gey
* Arman
* Kismat
* Woh Tees Din
* Pehla Pyar
* Kuch Log Roth Kar Kay Bhi


Iman Ali Pictures

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