Colour Me Crimson Bridal & Wall Art Collection – Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan is a very creative fashion designer of Pakistan. He did his graduation from Pakistan institute of fashion design. He won Best Collection Award as a couturier from his university. He was also selected as best young designer award in PFDC as well. Ali Xeeshan collection always has a strange sense of lavishness and royalty in it. Recently Ali Xeeshan has launched Crimson By Ali Xeeshan new bridal, jewellery and wall art collections. According to ali xeeshan he treated each and every item in his collection as a unique piece of art. His collection clearly reflect our cultural heritage of long luxurious fabric blended with deep dark colors. The feature model of Ali xeeshan breathtaking bridal wear and wall art collection in Amna babar. Lets check out Ali Xeeshan latest bridal collection and wall art 2011-2012

Crimson by Ali xeeshan 2011-2012 – bridal wear

Ali xeeshan latest bridal collection

wall art by ali xeeshan



Ali xeeshan jewellery collection

wall art collection by ali xeeshan

colour me crimson by ali xeeshan


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