Color Theory By Outfitters for Women 2012

Outfitters is one of the leading western brands of Pakistan. They have wide collection of women shirts, jeans, tights, bags, pants, scarves, uppers and shoes. They have recently made their new collection available in stores by the name of “Color Theory”

Outfitters are present in Pakistani market since 2003 and they are providing stylish outfits for men, women and children. The color theory collection by outfitters for women is glamorous, stylish, chic and appealing. The color theory reflects the young women and her traits. The designers have played really well with the colors; they have used bold and funky color combination that gives the fun, lively, young, bubbly and dynamic look to outfits. Today the preferences of young Pakistani women and girls is changing, these days girls prefers to wear western as they are convenient and comfy and brands like outfitters are not behind to offer what these young women is demanding and due to which the brand is very successful and admired by many women.
Here is the quick look of this fun summer collection 2012 by Outfitters. 🙂

Chic look by Outfitters

Stylish Dresses by Outfitters



Funky look by Outfitters

Western dresses by Outfitters

Cute look by Outfitters

Color Theory By Outfitters For Women


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