Classy Western Wear For Women – Winter 2012

We feel lazy and dizzy in winters and sometimes we don’t even pay attention to our dressing and our appearance. Our hair become static and our skin becomes dry leaving us frustrated and irritated. But no more BAD APPEARANCE, DRY SKIN OR STATIC HAIR. We have some tips for you.


Winters make your hair static and reduce the volume of your hair too. What you can do is to apply oil every time before showering your hair. Oil will prevent your hair from being static and it will provide a very soft texture to your hair.
Since its winter, we don’t like to leave our hair open. Rather than just leaving it open and not looking good, its better if you tie it or back comb it, it will increase the volume of your hair and it will result in less frustration and you won’t have to worry about how to carry take care of them

 Winter Hairstlye for Women

In winters, women usually prefer to wear jeans with a top with a sweater/shawl, Because ijaar or churidaar doesn’t make you feel warm. Also, it often sticks to your body especially if you wear silk or lawn. Most of the women doesn’t like to wear dupatas along with sweaters because its a bit difficult to carry both at the same time
An ideal western dressing for winter would be a skinny jeans with a long top or shirt along with a trendy over coat/sweater or a shawl. It will make you look trendy and will make you feel warm too

 Winter Wear for Women

To prevent your legs from being dry, you can wear boots or zipper shoes. Zipper shoes are very much “IN” now a days and it also provides a very classy look to personality and also covers most of the foot area.
Pumps can also look great with western dressing. You can wear socks along with shoes; they can stop cold and will make your skin soft too. Wear socks after applying moisturizing cream


 Winter Shoes for Women


Everyone is aware that winters make your skin look dull and dry. No matter how much cream you apply, it will still look dull and dry. So avoid applying too much makeup, you will look awkward and the powder or foundation will not even blend properly if you’re having a dry skin.
Solution to the above problem is that you can apply plenty of moisturizing cream atleast half hour before applying the makeup so that the skin gets sufficient time to absorb the cream and soften your skin, after that apply makeup but remember, DO NOT use too much makeup specially compact powder

 Winter Makeup for Women

On western dressing, handbags looks amazing. And yes, don’t forget to keep a moisturizing cream inside your bag before going anywhere 🙂 apply the cream to your hands and face,whenever you feel dry,so that it looks soft.

 Winter Handbags for Women

When you wear a sweater or a jacket, too much jewelry doesn’t look good; wearing bangles is of no use because the sweater will cover your hands. What you can do is, wear trendy rings, big rings are in fashion, and fancy rings will look “JUST THE RIGHT” with western dressing.
If you are going for a party or gathering, you can wear long necklaces; it will make you look PERFECT  🙂 if you go for small necklaces, wear delicate ones and avoid wearing heavy jewelry.

 Long Necklaces for Winter

 Long Necklaces for Women

Follow the above tips to look classy and perfect, comment if you tried the above tips to let everyone know 🙂

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