Clash Between Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal

Ali Azmat is not happy with the current condition of the music industry in Pakistan and in a leaked video, he criticized some young Pakistani singers saying:

“Sirf cheekhain maar kay koi star nahe banjata”

He also bashed on those singers who are trying to get fame by working in drama serials and films.

When a guy asked Ali Azmat about “Sammi Meri Waar”, he bashed on the singers of this song saying it’s not an original song but a different take on a folk song.

Ali Azmat’s Leaked Video



After Ali’s video got leaked online, Umair Jaswal responded him immediately on social media saying that Ali Azmat is entitled to his opinion but he can’t force it upon other people. In the video, Umair also adviced Ali to step into future and laughed on his criticism.

Umair Jaswal’s Reply To Ali Azmat

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