Chiffon Summer Collection 2011 by Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is a fashion house founded in 2011, it offers a wide range of ready to wear dresses for women of all ages. The designs are available for both casual and formal wear in a variety of colours that are perfect to fit the season. Dresses by Cross Stitch are sophisticated and elegant and are designed in such a way that they meet up the fashion trends all around the world and blend with our rich culture which makes them timeless! Each of the designs are carefully given attention for the finest of detailings, cuts and the choice of colours and fabrics. Summer Collection by Cross Stitch includes a range of formal and casual attire exclusively made with chiffon. Cross Stitch is located at MM Alam Road, Lahore. For details contact or visit

Summer Collection for Women by Cross Stitch 006

Ready to Wear by Cross Stitch 002


Dress by Cross Stitch 005


Cross Stitch Dresses 004

Cross Stitch Designs 007

Cross Stitch 008

Chiffon Summer Collection 2011 by Cross Stitch 001

Black Chiffon Dress by Cross Stitch 003


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