Check out what Affan Waheed has To Say about Working with Hira Mani

In an interview with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid, ‘Do Bol’ actor Affan Waheed published interesting details about his upcoming project with Hira Mani. The two actors rapidly beefed up into in a single day stars after their successful stint as the on-screen couple on ARY Digital’s ‘Do Bol.’ Audiences praised Affan and Hira for their fiery chemistry tangled into a rout of the ordinary plot that rightfully begged fine reaction.

The actor published he nevertheless felt like he didn’t belong in the “media,” insinuating he still by no means desires to see himself on camera; “I should give up media just right now.” Affan has always feared being judged in what can be a very synthetic enterprise the place many are in it simply to be stars, gain followers and hold a profound foot in the door of social media.

“Social media is getting a little hyper these days, so I really don’t prefer to face the backlash so I try and behave myself and be reserved.”


Affan was requested about how he handles success and answered that it’s very tough. He used to be afraid of all the expectations followers have now after the successful ‘Do Bol.’

His fear of failing was once natural. Triumph in the fast-paced drama fraternity comes with baggage, and for any person who wants to exceedingly stay low-key, it’s no longer a walk in the park. When Haroon requested him if he’s organized for the next challenge to now not do as well, Affan stated he’s ready and that the notion of it raises hairs on his body.

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