Check out Popular and Basic Kinds of Eyeliner

In today’s time, we have extensive range of eyeliners. We have pencil liner, and then we have gel and liquid eyeliners for girls. With these liners, you can make a wing style, straight line style. Details of basic kinds of eyeliners are mentioned below:

Pencil Eyeliner

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This kind of eyeliner is quite easier to apply. The drawback of this type is that it does not at all spread that much smoothly likewise rest of the eyeliners spread! It does not give a smoother appearance and coverage likewise these gel and liquid eyeliners give to your eyes.

Gel Eyeliner

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This gel eyeliner gives a matte finishing to your eyes. It just glide on smoothly and easily on your eyes. Such eyeliner comes in a pot and you apply this liner by using a brush.

Liquid Eyeliner

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These liquid liners give an extreme precision to your eyes. These eyeliners comes in a form of tubes. You apply this liner with the help of a small brush. This small brush is usually made in a pen style.


Black Colored Eyeliner

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Girls love to use this black colored eyeliner because this lines gives a striking look to your eyes. Your eyes get a bold look. Your eyes look more confident.

Brown Colored Eyeliner

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You can even prefer this brown colored eyeliner. This liner gives a smoky touch and effect on your eyes. Your eyes become more subtle.

White Eyeliner

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How one can forget to wear this white eyeliner! This liner makes your eyes quite bigger. This liner type is usually applied at the corner side of your eyes. Wear this liner and you will clearly see the difference in the size of your eyes.

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