Check Out How Hania Aamir Hit Back At Shaan Shahid Tweet

Couple of days back, film actor Shaan Shahid took Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir on target and advised them not to seek attention with their dating relation rumor storyline and give respect to one another! This is what Shaan Shahid tweeted on Twitter soon after Asim Azhar silently told in his interview that he is in dating relation with Hania:

Well there was no such point for Shaan to add his interference into someone else personal matter. But it seems like Hania Aamir could not stop herself from hitting back at his tweet and this is how Hania has replied on his tweet through her recent picture. Check this out:


Now this will definitely be going to pissed out the fans of the Shaan Shahid because the actress has been hitting back at a big star who is much high in reputation and age as compare to her. She has been always brutal no matter whether it is about her senior or the junior actor in terms of hitting back with her statements. This is for the reason that she does not have such a huge fan following.

Do you support her this act?

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