Check how Veena Malik Is Attacking Female Journalists On Twitter!

Veena malik has always been a debatable discern in the Pakistani entertainment international. From her time on the Indian truth display, bigg boss, to her antics on national TV, veena malik has constantly found a manner to be at the information and stay relevant.

With the advent of social media, veena has determined yet any other channel and platform to keep herself inside the public eye. Her twitter profile is one of the places she stocks about her lifestyles.

Veena attempted to colour journalist asma shirazi. She tried to insinuate that asma took bribes from political parties in the beyond. This tweet of veena’s took a brief flip.

Some other journalist, javeria siddiqui spoke back to her feedback and reminded that ladies reporters stood with the aid of her while she changed into at her lowest. Javeria talks about how women were there for veena whilst she was going via a divorce and while debatable snap shots of her surfaced at the internet.

Veena did no longer take this tweet gently and attacked the journalist. She blamed women who see divorce and ‘behayi’ as everyday because the motives why our society is the place in which it is. Veena additionally talks approximately how she left her ways after figuring out what she become doing changed into incorrect. On the quit of her tweet she ‘advises’ people to forestall supporting this ‘behayi’.

This isn’t the first time veena has let her views be regarded, and this isn’t the first time she’s forgotten the help she were given. After this year’s aurat march, veena took to twitter to name all of the slogans behaya and said that the march introduced ‘humiliation’ onto the women of Pakistan.

Even lower back then, people have been quick to remind veena approximately the debt she owes to the various women who stood as much as her. Veena malik claims to be reformed and to have moved on from her beyond. Whilst this is exquisite in itself, she mustn’t forget about the people and the motion that supported her and helped her to rebuild herself.

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