Change your self by make up in five minutes

Mostly you are in a hurry make up takes a lot of times,unexpected guests come or you have to go somewhere,here are some beauty tips by which you can change your look.

You dont want to look shabby so here is what you do with your face: Cleanse your face proprly, apply any kind of moisturizer to your face suitable to your skin. applly equalizer according to you face tone and some light pink blush onn on your cheeks just below the eyes to give a glowy effect.

Your eyes:Take an eye liner preferable cake eye liner and apply it your eyes, if you want to give a more formal effect apply it under the eyes as well, apply kajal between the eyes, and for the final touch the mascara on your eye lashes.

Your lips: Apply a light shade of lipstick on your lips make sure that the colour you are using is natural,make it light pink or beige.


For convenience make a small make up pouch with all these essentials in it, you can also carry it around in your purse. Don’t forget a small pocket mirror to go with them 🙂

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