Chanel Summertime De Chanel 2012 Makeup Collection

This year’s Chanel Summertime De Chanel 2012 Makeup Collection depicts an elegant sun-kissed mood. More gold, copper and bronze are incorporated in the summer theme. Hues of lively corals and soft beiges are also present which added a warm feminine touch into the strong presence of golds and bronzes. Overall, this collection provides a sense of subtle sophistication and radiant sun-bathed tone, that would look fresh and warm to any skin tones. Chanel has created a new collection of makeup for Summer. The new makeup range includes bronzers, duo eye color, eye pencils, lipsticks and glosses, and nail lacquers. Soft color palette of the collection comes in earthly tones with pops of red in lip color and nail polish.

Starting off with the bronzing powders, they seem to mimic the sunset during summer. It’s like the horizons and everything is in a beautiful harmony. Brozners Soleil Tan de Chanel come in two variations of mixed shades of pink, brown, and beige. They come with a wide rounded compact brush. What we have here is Soleil Tan De Chanel 907 Sable Beige. It is a golden beige combination more or so earthy like tanned look with browns. There is quite a few shimmers too making the powder highlighting when put on. But overall it’s still quite pigmented. For summer eyes,Chanel Summertime De Chanel 2012 Makeup Collection plays simple and classy with the eyeshadow duo, 37 Sable Emouvant. It comes with two brushes with 2 earthy toned colors, chocolate brown and desert beige. The eyeshadows swatch really well, there is no doubt on the formula. Pigmentation is easily done and application is a breeze. The shadows glide on smoothly and evenly with no effort. They also come with shimmers that look like sparkly things that highlight when reflected to light especially the darker chocolate brown shade channels a more earthy tanned look for summer. Ombre Contraste Duo comes in light and dark brown to create a two-tone makeup look. The palette also has an applicator and a mini brush. Le Crayon Yeux in brown and Le Crayon Kohl in peach are to complete the eye makeup look. Soleil Tan De Chanel 917 Sable Rose, gives a more rosey like bronze with pinks. Hence the word “Rose.” This palette does give darker color than the Sable Beige upon a glance. In this palette, we have two pink (rose) toned strips instead of the beiges. The colors go from the family of browns to pink. Again, there are shimmers to highlight the colors.
Chanel came out with 2 Rouge Coco Shine this season of which are both in the sheer pink / red family. The colors are:

437 Empreinte – Glossy beige pink
447 En Vogue – Glossy coral pink

En Vogue’s coral like color gives a bolder variation of pink when contrasted to Empreinte. They are both on the sheer side but full of gloss. And they’re super moisturizing.To complete the look there is sheer hydrating Rouge Coco Shine in beige and coral red and two shiny glosses in almost same hues. Besides lipsticks, there are also choices for lip gloss. Chanel has come out with two very different colors for different looks and they are:

327 Sirocco – shimmering beige that goes on almost clear
337 Calypso – shimmering coral

Both lip glosses are full of shine and provide scattered shimmers. They’re not moisturizing and plumping making you lips look fuller, they also provide different looks. Sirocco gives an almost clear like color to the lips whereas Calypso is coral. The shimmers in Sirocco is also more sparse than Calypso.
Last but not least, the 3 brand new nail polishes for this season. They are as follows:

597 Island – Pearly beige with hints of pink.
607 Delight – Metallic bronze gold.
617 Holiday – Orangey red almost like coral.

This Summer, Chanel brings us such a casual relaxed look that is full of color.This year’s summer release from Chanel gives the sense that it is more towards relax colors without trying too hard. There isn’t the green, blue, or anything dramatic, but when put together it’s still simply elegant. Each color is made with good formula, so you won’t have the chips, the clumps, or even fallout’s etc. Instead, Chanel Summertime De Chanel 2012 Makeup Collection gives us a few colors that is very wearable and good for everyday. Lets not waste time and take a look at  chanel’s makeup collection summer 2012.


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