Chaiwala Arshad Khan Quits or Not; Social Media Needs to .

The Chaiwala Arshad Khan has been in the news since his first picture was uploaded on the social media sites. The 18 years old Chaiwala Arshad Khan became popular and people were going all crazy over his pictures. People demanded to know more and more related his life, his family and his future plans.

In our country, be it Chaiwala Arshad Khan, Urwa Hocane, Mawra Hocane or Boxer Amir Khan’s family matters, people have habits of mocking and bashing everyone. Why is it so necessary for Us to always talk ill of celebrities? We are the ones who made them popular with all are love and support. How long will it take us to realize that they work for our entertainment. If you’ve rights of criticism it must be always regarding their professional life or work.

We are equally responsible in highlighting the Qandeel Baloch issue. Weren’t there many among us who use to share her clips, tag friends in her videos and comments and like her stuff? It’s simple, if you don’t like any sort of entertainment or any personality better stay away and avoid that rather than creating hypes and complaining all about it over social media.

The best we can do is to stop the more people you can saying or doing and bad to these media celebrities.


Chaiwala Arshad Khan was made famous because we ourselves share his images, talk about him and wanted him to act. When he was offered great contracts from showbiz and was seen in Bridal Couture week or tv channels giving statements on how happy he was.

Everything was smooth unless his recent images and videos with Muskan Jay were released. People started criticizing him over his statement that “He would not join showbiz and won’t ever do something against norms”

Let me ask you all, If you were living a life in poverty, and got the chance to improve your lifestyle , who wouldn’t try improving their lives?

The release of the music video was the prove that Arshad Khan has not done anything against ethics. If this is the case than all the dramas, movies and Pakistani music videos should be banned.

People must quit degrading and bad mouthing the celebrities based on their character especially.


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