Ceremonial Trends of mehandi “henna”

As we are concerned with latest ceremonial designs  of henna but first you have to know a little that “What is henna?” and “How this trend became in in Pakistan? ”

So Mehandi is a ceremonial art originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent . Mehandi is a form of  body art from ancient India in which deacorative designs are created on person’s body using a paste forming from the powdered dry leaves of henna plant. It was originally used for women palms and sometimes for men. In old age A bride whose family is not wealthy wears her mehandi in place of ornate gold jewellary. It is used to said that when a bride has mehandi done for her wedding the darker the design, the more her mother-in-laws loves her. A bride is not expected to perform any housework when until her wedding mehandi has faded. The designs of mehandi are quite intricate and predominantly  applied to brides before their wedding ceremonies.

Here are  somme intricate patterns of henna for brides ;


Arabic mehndi design for bridal feet



There are many variations and types in mehandi designs which are categorized such as

Arabic mehandi designs, Indian mehandi designs and Pakistani mehandi designs.

Women usually apply variations of henna or mehandi design patterna on their hands as well feet.

Use of henna in Pakistan :

In Pakistan , mehandi is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies which is mainly celebrated by the bride’s family

“Mehandi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration”

Simple designs of henna for young girls  are here ;


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