Caring For Your Skin

Skin has to work hard to perform all the vital functions of our body. The least we can do in return is to take good care of it, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, regular exercises and perfect sleep. Following are some ways to keep your skin clean and soft.

To cleanse your face deeply, fill a large bowl or bathroom sink with hot water from the tap. Cover your head and the sink or bowl with a towel, then lower your face over the steam tub, keep it at least 12 inches above the water. Remember, steam can burn your skin, so test the temperature with your hand. After about 10 minutes you’ll find that the steam has opened all your pores, leaving your skin clean and moist. Take off the towel and wash your face well with cold water to close up the pores again

Steaming your face

Washing with soap and water is easy way to clean your face but some harsh soap can wash away the natural oils that keep your skin soft and waterproof, leaving it feeling “tight.” So choose a gentle soap.

Clean your face with a moisturizing soap

Cleansers contain a mixture of oil and water. They are gentler on your face than soap and are particularly helpful to people with dry skin. Massage a little cleanser onto your face and neck with clean fingers. Wipe the cleanser off thoroughly with a cotton ball or tissue


Use good quality face cleansers


Facial scrubs are very fine cleansers that your rub gently on your face. They take skin cleansing a step further. Not only do they get rid of dirt, but they remove all the dead skin cells as well. This process leaves your face feeling smooth and fresh. Your skin will feel fresh after a facial scrub, not red and sore. You should use a moisturizer after giving yourself a facial scrub.
WARNING, never clean your face this way more than once a week. If you feel extra oily in between, a brisk wash with a sponge or a washcloth will have a similar effect. Giving yourself facial scrub more than once a week might stimulate the sebaceous glands from your face making your skin oilier.

Apply face scrub on your face

Moisturizers are creams that you apply to areas of your face and body that feel especially dry or tight after washing. These creams help to hold the skin in natural moisture. To prevent drying, you should also use a moisturizer if you are going out in hot, dry weather or in the wind. Boys should use a moisturizer on the face after shaving.

Apply moisturizing cream onto your face

A skin toner is usually made up of diluted alcohol mixed with water and a thick liquid. You can use the toner after cleansing your face to take off any traces of dirt or oil. Soak a cotton ball with toner and pat it gently over your face and neck. It should leave your face feeling fresh and soft. Toners are best for people having oily skin.

Apply toner on your face with a sponge or cotton balls

Make sure you take care of your skin because if you have a beautiful skin, everything will look good on you! 🙂

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