Care Of Hands In Five Simple Ways

Hands show the grace and personality of a person. To make sure your hands look pretty and delicate, you need to know how you can do basic care and maintenance. The tough time for hands is winter season because chilly and frosty air reduces the moisture from skin and neither under estimate the care of hands and nails in summer as it brings severe sweating. You may have notice visible veins on back of the hands, which shows earliest signs of aging because the skin on back of the hands is extremely delicate and thin. Frequent use of detergents and hot water extracts moisture and UV rays also causes bad effects which destroy the skin’s youthfulness.

Five Simple Ways For Hand Care
Either you are young or old it’s never too late to prevent your precious hands from damage. From now onwards start taking care and make your hands look younger and beautiful. Here are some very basic ways you can follow to get delicate looking hands.

Five Simple Ways For Hand Care

SPF Sunscreen Lotions:
After washing hands use SPF containing moisturizers. Always keep some sun block in your bag or car every time you go out in the sun.


To make a scrub at home mix some sea salt and lemon juice in glycerine. Use this home-made scrub or buy one to exfoliate the skin of hands twice a week.

Cuticle is an outer layer of hard skin, especially around the base of your nails. Don’t ignore the cuticles otherwise it could lead to infection. They work as barriers to bacteria and fungus and to keep them in line use a wooden cuticle pusher.

Moisturizing You Hands:
For smooth and soft hands it’s mandatory to moisturize them. Do not let your thin skin dry, always remember to moisturize hands, nails and cuticles each time you wash hands. Take a manicure once in a month which is a very useful treatment for the hands and nails that includes cutting and polishing the nails.

Gloves For Hands:
As the care of hands is important, the care of nails goes along. Women must wear rubber gloves while doing house hold chores. Alkaline, soaps, chemicals and detergents can be extremely harsh on both nails and hands. Always wear protective gloves while doing house work like dish washing, gardening, cleaning and washing clothes.
Use the caring tips mentioned above in this article of and get delicate looking hands.

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