Can You Make Your Foundation Last all day Long?

Keep your foundation perfect, flawless and texture free with these easy, quickly tips!

Patchy Foundation

Start with a primer that suits your skin type, avoid primers that have a lot of silicone in them due to the fact silicone can go your makeup round because of the slip it provides.

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Foundation rubbing off

Apply eye primer to areas that you locate your basis disappears from, for most humans this would be the nose and the chin. Make sure the eye primer that you’re the use of sets to a matte end and isn’t silicone based.

Powder before foundation

This will take in all the excess oil off of your skin and you only favor to observe the lightest quantity of powder. This will additionally grant a solid grip for your basis to stick to.

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Setting Spray earlier than foundation

Go in and follow a placing spray directly to your face to create a barrier between the skin and makeup. It also sets and locks in the primer and powder and let it set completely before going in with your foundation.


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Apply in layers

Now that all your prep work is done, start making use of your foundation in layers. Applying too plenty basis together can motive it to seem to be cakey and cross around. Apply in mild layers to attain the preferred coverage and finish and let every layer set before going in with every other layer.

Setting spray

Once your basis has settled down, go in with setting spray once more to lock the entirety in place.


The full proof way of making your basis look flawless and non-cakey is to finish it with a translucent powder on a damp sponge. The damp sponge takes away from any cakiness or texture that the powder would have introduced otherwise, so its kinda like baking your entire face.

Now that you have the whole thing set, end with a 1/3 and last layer of placing spray for a base that’ll remaining you through an apocalypse!

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