Can Robot Ease Children’s Health Problems?

There was a time when the robots were used in physical or architectural matters only. But as the information technology and scientific knowledge progressed, the robots were being widely used in medical sciences to cure various medicines. These day the health care professionals use robots to cure patients of different diseases as well as in undertaking various operations.

Can Robot Ease Children's Health Problems

Can you imagine a robot who was programmed to ease a child’s pain? No, then its true. Recently the D.r Beran and her co-professionals introduced a robot named as MEDi. This robot is especially created to make the anxious and stresses kids happy. The first successful experiment with this robot was done when MEDi greeted a little young girl with his happy mood and of course interesting conversations.


MEDi asked the kid questions like “Do you like game?” “What is the name of your best friend?” “What are your hobbies?” “What is you favorite subject?”

MEDi asked these questions to the young lady in such an interesting and amusing way the she forgot all her pain in no time. This kid was suffering from high fever, flu and cough since a long and she was seeming to be tired of her disease. It made the kid stressed and the doctors’ treatment was not proving to be effective enough. But MEDi helped this child get out of her stress and she started smiling after a ten minutes conversation with MEDi.

Now the experts are further doing experiments with MEDi and trying to use it curing patients of various other diseases. But their target is mostly to use this robot to help the stressed children and make them feel relaxed. Furthermore, this robot would be used to cure the children who need vaccines for different diseases.

For pediatric patients, MEDi is considered to be a gift of science.

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