Cake Presents A Recipe For Success

Cake Presents A Recipe For Success, No film in recent years has touched the audience’s heart like Asim Abbasi’s Cake has; it can easily be termed as one of the complete films produced in the country since the revival.

In fact, it is so power packed with emotions that you will end up teary-eyed as well as with a smiling face, simultaneously.

Cake Presents A Recipe For Success

Cake revolves around the family of Zareen (Aamina Sheikh) who takes care of her parents (Muhammad Ahmed & Beo Zafar) who are aged but lively. When their father ends up in the ICU, youngest sister Zara (Sanam Saeed) returns to Karachi from London; their childhood friend Romeo (Aamir Malik) also reenters their lives as the father’s male nurse.

When All Seems Happy, Tragedy Befalls The Family Again And This Time, All The Skeletons In The Closet Come Out With Disastrous Results.

Even the return of eldest son Zain (Faris Khalid) doesn’t smooth the proceedings and chaos reign supreme. Does the Jamali family get back its peace or do they struggle with their insecurities for the rest of their lives, every story is treated like a layer of a Cake.

Asim Abbasi the director must be credited for coming up with a story that revolves around a dysfunctional family that endures things that happens everywhere.

Faris Khalid and Mikaal Zulfiqar may not have many scenes but they look the characters they play on screen, that are much different to their earlier work.

Overall, Asim Abbasi and his team must be applauded for the wonderful film they have come up with and although it might not do as well as other films, it will leave a mark in the industry as a film that was made with least possible resources and loads of common sense.

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