Bridal mehndi Designs 2016

Bridal mehndi designs are as important as the other things like jewellery and dress. There is a mehndi ceremony for the bride which shows our tradition and value. It is the focus point even in our happy moments. Every girl dreams of what her mehndi is going to look like on her big day.

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Some married girls like the smell of it and they feel complete by putting mehndi on their hands. Photographer focus on the hands of brides to show their mehndi or henna pattern. Just imagine, you are a bride and your hands are without mehndi or with a mehndi without style ..awful! … Everything looks beautiful when it is in their style and a life without a style is like a suicide :p .choose the best for your wedding comments from bridal mehndi designs 2016.

bridal mehndi

Most people who wear Henna’s  are quite spiritual and believe that if they wear it in them, no bad spirit will come near to them.

Bridal Mehndi designs 2016 introducing latest mehndi designs for upcoming brides with range of designs. Some people are using “Ark” of mehndi because it gives instant reddish color and easily washable. You will find best ever collection of inspiring mehndi designs at one place.  

Get inspired for your own Bridal Mehndi with these ideas.

bridal  mehndi

bridal designs of mehndi



Some girls want simple mehndi on their beautiful event.

bridal mehndi design


This design is very classic for almost every event in your life.

bridal mehndi designss

A new dimension in the art of Mehndi with glittery sticker stones.

Perfect Henna designs for your mehndi .

bridal  mehndi designs

bridal mehndi design 2016

bridal mehndi designs 2016
Arabic Mehndi designs are common with contemporary brides.


bridal mehndi 2016

stlylish bridal mehndi designs

tradition mehndi 2016

This will be what your hands will look like…

mehndi designs for bridal

Bridal Mehndi Designs 2016 provides you best  mehndi designs 

bridal mehndi design 2016

mehndi 2016 mehndi design 2016 new
For the brides who love Bridal Menhdi Designs 2016

bridal mehndi latest

mendi designs for brides

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