Bridal Jewellery 2017

A wedding is a grand and opulent affair. Words Red and jewellery have always been connected with BRIDE in our mind. Every bride loves to wear stylish and latest jewellery. Jewellery is an important accessory for girls. You can add value to your character by wearing good bangles, rings, earrings, necklace and pazeb.

Choice of a jewellery shows the aesthetic sense of a person. You can become a stylish bride by taking some ideas from us. The trend of jewellery changes with time. In the past, there was the trend of matching jewellery with your dress but nowadays, Contrast colors are preferable to highlight the grace of your dress and jewellery . Bridal jewellery is very important in the overall look of a bride.
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Bridal Jewellery Trends 2017

Brides can wear the headpiece or matha-pati with some flower jewellery at the mehndi function.It will give Simply classic look.

bridal jewllerey for menhdi

bridal jewllery for mehndi



Gold jewellery has an exceptional value in our society. You can choose pure gold jewellery to give traditional look.

bridal jewellery


Nowadays, Bridal jewellery is not limited to gold. Bridal jewellery 2016 is a unique amalgamation of different metals like Kundan and pearl neckpiece. White crystal pearls or motti work are now used in bridal jewellery 2016.

bridal jewellery kundun


This delicate jewellery gives royal and elegant look to the bride.

bridal jewellery valima
Brides with light color dresses can wear jewellery like RANI HAAR with pearl embellished jhumki earings.

bridal jewllerey -rani haar

If your bridal dress is too heavy, you can wear jewellery of pearls.

bridal jewllerey -pearl

Hydrabadi style comes back in bridal jewellery 2017!
Guluband necklace with rubies is now in the trend 2016. It fits with your neck giving you smarter look and you can wear an additional necklace or Rani haar with it.

bridal jewelley -hydrabadi style

You can also mix antique style with pearl jewellery to give some modern touch.

bridal jewllery -modern touch

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