Boney Kapoor sues makers of ‘Sri Devi Bungalow’

Well the whole nation cannot forget the day when they switched on their television and the news of Sri Devi demise hit their screens. That was a black day for the Bollywood cinema in losing such a great actress and a lady with an amazing personality. Many stories came up after her death as where some called it to be a murder where some called it to be a natural death caused by drowning. Still the truth is untold! To explain the inside truth, a film story on the personal life of Sri Devi is being made named as “Sri Devi bungalow”. This is an upcoming Bollywood film that is still not released!

But wait! Let’s hear another controversy about Sri Devi! The producers of Sri Devi Bungalow, an upcoming Bollywood film have been sued by Boney Kapoor as Indian media reported. This is true and confirmed by the Boney Kapoor as well! No one knows the actual truth behind the death and the film is highlighting a wrong image of the actress as per according to the notice.

The movie is starring internet sensation Priya Varrier who is in the main lead role playing as Sri Devi. The trailer of the film has been already released that has not impressed the spectators much. The story is not clearly giving any indication that whether it is based on actress life story. But the hints in the trailer and the title of the movie are enough to say all about it! The trailer ending scene is about how Varrier drowning in a bathtub and is somehow otherwise the story of a successful but innately unhappy actress.



As per following up, Sri Devi’s husband, Kapoor has slapped the makers and also the director Prasanth Mambully with a legal notice. Furthermore, the makers have also accepted that they have received a warning from him and will often fight the case in the court. They highlighted that Sridevi is a common name and is part of media as well. They have a complete right to make a story film on her name where Priya will be playing the main lead role actress who is called Sridevi”.

Boney Kapoor has stated in the legal notice that he has the copyrights of his wife name to make any life story film on her or not. He would not allow any other director to make a film on her wife until and unless he does not give permission.

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