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On the Occasion of International Father’s Day, We Sketches Out Some Profiles of the Collest industry DADS

Shahid Kapoor

It’s said a truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms even when his hands are empty. Given that our industry dads have literally the world at their feet, the maxim doesn’t apply to them, considering that they are constantly showering their kids with goodies right off the shelves of Bloomingdale’s. The star kids are accustomed to travelling in Porsches and taking international vacations before they can even spell the word ‘international’. But scratch the surface and you find that the fears and anxieties, the aspirations and hopes of industry dads remain the same as your normal Ramprasad doing a 9-5 job. So Saif Ali Khan, who belongs to royalty, gets the most joy.


Akshay Kumar

His father brought him up like an army kid and Akshay Kumar is no less a disciplinarian when it comes to bringing up his own children Aarav and lil’ Nitara. His kids have to earn their place in life and won’t have everything handed to them on a platter. Like he allowed Aarav a business class ticket on a recent trip only because he got his first degree black belt in Kudo.



He reportedly once joked on Karan Johar’s show that he’d probably rip off the lips of the boy caught smooching his daughter Suhana. When her photos in swimwear were flashed on the social media, he urged his fans to respect her
privacy. Shah Rukh Khan, superstar and super entrepreneur is also super protective when it comes to his three children Aryan (20), Suhana (17) and AbRam (4). He’s also known to be a super young dad, liking nothing else than chatting with them late in the night, keeping abreast of all the cool gadgets, games, music and films they like, so that he can converse in their lingo.


Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan candidly confessed to not being a hands-on father preferring to give credit to first wife Reena and second wife Kiran Rao in the rearing up of his children Junaid, Ira and Azad. Maybe, because he’s such a perfectionist he spelt it out so honestly. We’re sure that’s not the case given his ‘perfect’ sense of commitment. In fact, reading out stories to lil’ Azad at bedtime is something he’s passionate about. Earlier, he had reportedly requested a half-day off during the shoot of Dhoom 3 as he wanted to be with daughter Ira on her birthday.


Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi was a super dad but when his four-year-old son, Ayan, was diagnosed with cancer, it changed his life forever. From taking him abroad for extensive treatment to rallying around him, cheering him up and staying positive himself… Emraan left no stone unturned till Ayan returned home in the pink of health.



Ajay Devgn

He’s one of the toughest actors on screen but turns marshmallow when it comes to kids Nysa and Yug. He’s often mentioned in his interviews that fatherhood has matured him. That he wants to head home straight after pack-up just to be with his kids. He recently captioned a photo of him posing with his kids as the best birthday gift. He’s had a middleclass upbringing and has tried to inculcate those values in his children as well.


Hrithik’s Instagram account is a part dad-manual and part photo-journal where he records all the fun times he has with his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Whether it’s photos of them doing push-ups together or skiing together or just plain goofing around in an amusement park, they make for great memories. He hasn’t let his divorce with Sussanne Khan sour his relationship with his kids, making sure to spend quality time together with them. He’s aware that they are going to grow up soon and be involved in their own universe. Hence one of his dad goals is to get as many cuddles and kisses before that. Sweet!


Following a family tradition, going back to his grandfather the late Harivanshrai Bachchan’s days, Abhishek Bachchan writes letters to daughter Aaradhya the old-fashioned way. He still treasures the letters his dad, Amitabh Bachchan wrote to him when he was in school. Though Aaradhya is too young to read them now, he’s sure she’ll go up to cherish them later. He’s a father with a poet’s soul alright. He pampered his niece Navya Naveli Nanda and now he pampers his daughter, playing good cop to wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s disciplinarian act. He’s been a hands-on father throughout, reportedly reading up on everything related to babies before she was born and asking his parents and in-laws hazaar questions. On his 40th birthday, we saw a cute video of Aaradhya feeding him cake and the footage kind of won our hearts.


Sanjay Dutt has seen enough ups and downs in his life to make a rollercoaster blush. But one thing that has remained constant throughout is his love for his children. First daughter Trishala (from his first wife Richa Sharma) was the leading light of his life and now she’s joined by twins Shahraan and Iqra. Dutt sure is super protective about his kids – he once mentioned in a Filmfare interview that he didn’t want to see Trishala shake her butt on screen. The young girl has studied forensic science in the US. Watching him interacting with his younger children when he came out of jail made our hearts melt.


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