Bollywood big star Pranka Chopra did not get Hollywood movie due to black skin color

Bollywood big star Pranka Chopra did not get Hollywood movie due to black skin color, Bollywood’s big star Pranka Chopra said in her recent interview that she has suffered discrimination due to her pain. What has revealed ? to him in the interview with ‘The Style’ magazine. When asked whether Hollywood had equality in the compensation of actors and actors coming from different generations, he mentioned an incident which happened last year.


She said: ‘I was going out to shoot and someone called (studio) and told my agent that I’m not physically fit. As an artist I said in my defense how should I be? Should I have more flexibility? Should I be in a glass? Should my body be immersed? What does my physical mean?

‘… Then my agent told me that Prakashka, I think she wants an actor who is not brown (dirty), and she has a lot of influence on me. ‘

Bollywood movie starry Pranka Chopra

Bollywood movie starry Pranka Chopra

It is believed that this incident took place at a time when they were at the top of their success. But three years ago, he had admitted that in the early days he had to bear severe comments due to his pain.


After winning World Cup of Queen Hassan in 2000, Priyanka started her film journey in the year 2003 with the movie ‘style’.

He said, ‘I can not change my color and voice but I can definitely work on my skills and I do it.’

In his latest interview, he said, “In America, we do not talk in a deliberate manner, while India is not raised this issue.”

“We have been told in a clear way that if there is a role in the film with big actors, it does not matter,” he said.

However, he said, despite all the embarrassment and respect of Hollywood, the filmmakers tell you what they want to do.

It is believed that the third season of the American TV series of Prank Chopra’s ‘Quintiko’ is starting on April 26 in which ABC is playing an important role.

Last year, his film ‘Beck Watch’ in which he played the role of the villain

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