Bollywood is killing our Pakistan film industry

Bollywood has become a supernatural industry in the world. its stars force is slaughtering off ‘Lollywood’ Pakistan’s battling motion picture industry in Lahore, in accordance with the performing arts, executives, and film proprietors who continuously say that bollywood is poaching its best on-screen characters and seizing screens.

Why bollywood is killing our Pakistan film industry

There are a lot of ways that describe why bollywood is killing our Pakistan film industry. First of all we need to see that in bollywood there are high budget movies. Almost all of Indian movies are shot abroad, on expensive and big locations. As compared to this, our Pakistani movies are made with little and short budget, making it impossible for the filmmakers to compete Indian film industry.

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Several Pakistani silver screens have shut in the previous decade while Lahore is delivering around 30 movies every year, which is a small amount as compared to the so many movies made in india every year. The bollywood industry is taking our $1.3bn every year due to the display of Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas and on cables.

Time to raise the voice

Bollywood is killing our Pakistan film industry and its time to raise the voice. It is only possible when we are clear with what we have to do actually. We need to pay attention to the things that are ruining our film industry. A lot of fresh and energetic people have come in the race and trying to make good Pakistani movies. They need our moral and financial support. When it comes to see a bollywood movie, we should try to give preference to Pakistani movie. This will give rise to the promotion of watching Pakistani movies in our country, thus benefiting the industry of film of Pakistan directly or indirectly.

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