Bollywood Celebrities Speaking Against Pakistan But Pakistani Celebrities Remain Silent!

In the serious tension between the neighboring countries, Pakistan and India, we have came across several Bollywood celebrities who have showed their support for their country and appreciated their army for carrying out successful surgical strikes. Although the Pakistani Government and Army have dismissed such false claims of “surgical strikes” by India, but still the Indian people and celebrities are appreciating their army for this “unproven claim”.

Pakistani Celebrities Like Fawad, Mahira & Ali Zafar Are Silent On The Burning Issue!

Pakistani celebrities against India


On the other hand, Pakistani actors like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar, Ali Zafar and many others are silent on the issue. Instead of supporting their country, these Pakistani celebrities are unable to utter a single word against the corrupt and liar nation ‘India’.

This fact is clear to the whole world, that Indian forces made false claims of “surgical strikes” to satisfy their own public but still the Indian stars are showing their support for India and Pakistani stars are quiet on the burning issue!

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