Bollywood Celebrities And Their Phobias

Yes, each one of us has some fear or it can be phobia! Do you know that many of the Bollywood celebrities do have some pheobias too? If you want to know about the fears of these Bollywood celebrities then you are at the right place, here we will just be telling you about the fears of these Bollywood celebrities so check out them:

Bollywood Celebrities And Their Phobias

Bollywood Celebrities And Their Phobias

Sonam Kapoor


She has this strange phobia from the elevator. She fears elevators in malls and also airports.

Katrina Kaif



She is the Barbie of Bollywood but she is scared of darkness. She doesn’t step out of her home when it will be dark as she gets this strong feeling of ghost.

Vidya Balan


This ‘Monjolika’ of our industry has been scared of cats. We just wonder that how she managed to act in Bhool Bahalliyan?

Priyanka Chopra


She is quite scared about horses. She looks quite brave then how she can be scared from cats?

Deepika Padukone



Being the most beautiful diva in our Bollywood, she is quite afraid of height. She is too afraid of snakes.

Bipasha Basu


She is this boldest ‘Bengali Bala’ in Bollywood. She afraid of her own laughter, this is quite shocking that this hot actress scares from her own laugh, how it is possible?

Celina Jaitley


She was this ‘sex symbol’ in Bollywood. She is quite afraid of the most beautiful creation, butterflies.

Kareena Kapoor


This Bebo of Bollywood is quite afraid of bike rides.

Alia Bhatt


She is this cutest and youngest star in Bollywood and sh fears darkness.

Anushka sharma


She fears from cockroaches. She is also an insect hater.
So, these are the Bollywood celebrities and their fears. If you want to have more details about the fears of these Bollywood celebrities then stay tuned with us.

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