Best Things Pakistani Celebrities Do in Dubai

Visiting Dubai is like a dream comes true. Recently, the third edition of HUM Awards was over and done with gracefully. A lot of, almost all, Pakistani celebrities had flew out to Dubai to attend this one of the biggest entertainment award shows of the country. Here is given an overview of the best things Pakistani celebrities do in Dubai.

They try living the high life – best things Pakistani celebrities do in Dubai

The celebrities like Mehwish Hayat, Ahsan Khan, Saba Qamar, and several others were spotted to try to live the high life. To some extent, I can say that it is their right because they earn enough money from this industry. But here what I didn’t like is the sort of ‘nakhras’ these starts showed. I think they should remain in their limits, and at the same time they can maintain their high profile lifestyles.

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They see Burj al Arab

Certainly there are some of the celebrities who have many times been at Burj al Arab. But stars like Ahmed Butt, Anoushey Ashraf, and several others said in an interview that it is the first time they are seeing this high building. They further said that they just love to be there and will surely visit it again for another trip of Dubai.

They bring the entire neighborhood along

Did you notice that some of the celebs had brought the entire neighborhood along with them during their visit to Dubai? Let me name a few of them. Cast of Jalaibee with Tapu Javeri, and of course Saba Chuadry were spotted to be bringing lots of their friends out there to attend the event and to see the beauty of Dubai.

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