Best Pedicure For Summer 2013

The arrival of summer means bye, bye to socks, pumps and boots. And Hello to sandals flats and heels. Ofcourse when you wear sandals, flats or heels you would like to your feet to look pretty. In-case you are that fashion finicky sort of a person who prefers to put on and wear whatever is in fashion, you then definitely wouldn’t like to apply any color on your foot nails which is outdated. In-fact you will prefer colors which are in fashion, also colors which will make your feet look beautiful and pretty. In today’s beauty article of our we will be talking on Best Pedicure For Summer 2013.

Best Pedicure For Summer 2013

To be honest it never ceases to amaze; how on earth the fashion of your finger nails differ from the fashion from your feet. But then the fashion world is full of unconventionality. If you ask me, in this case I belong to the old school of thought where you wear same color on your hands and feet nails. But then one simply can’t resist fashion. Following are the best pedicure for summer 2013

Peacock Blue

peacock blue

The first in the list of best pedicure for summer 2013, is Peacock Blue. The best part about this nail color is that it will go with any skin tone. Having a fair complexion is not a requirement here. This sky blue shade is considered to be a saturated shade of blue for summer. This color give your feet a very cool-off sort of effect. Following are some of the best nail polishes which are in peacock blue.

  • Nails Inc. in Baker Street
  • YSL in Bleu Majorelle
  • China Glaze in Frost Bite

Electric Orange



Then comes the electric orange. Because of its ultra-happy, I’m-in-vacation mood this color in nail polish is at number 2 in our list of
electric orange. But important thing here is that you should stick to the super bright, safety cone orange color as this is prefect for summer Pedi. In-case you plan to go for deeper shades like burnt orange i would suggest not to, as these deeper shades will have an autumn vibe. Following are some of the famous yet best shades of electric orange nail polishes.

  •  Illamasqua in Gamma
  • Givenchy in Croisiere Mat Orange
  • Essie in Orange It’s Obvious

Flamingo Pink

Hot Pink


This one is meant for me!! i mean for people who are born fans of pink. When i read this, i was jubilated. These pink nail colors are so bright that even if you wear them in winter they will still make you feel like its summer time. Though i personally like hot pink colors is for manicure, but incase you think it’s to Barbie girl you can always apply the hot pink color on your toes nails instead. It is a bit more subtle as a pedicure color. Following are some of the best nail colors for the flamingo Pink.

  • butter LONDON in Cake Hole
  • Essie in Bottle Service
  • Milani in Hot Pink Frenzy


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